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UMTS Interceptor

UMTS Interceptor
UMTS Interceptor
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Product Description
3G/4G Interceptor - In-Between Interception System -  2nd Generation

The 3G/4G Interceptor–II is the most advanced and newest 3G/4G interception system in the market. The system was designed and developed according to the vast experience gathered in the last 10 years, while deploying worldwide hundreds of 3G/4G interception systems, listening to customer’s feedback and analyzing customer’s operational requirements.

The 3G/4G Interceptor-II is an advanced integrated active solution that includes all relevant sub systems in a single unit, allows the user to scan, analyze, intercept, monitor, record and track 3G/4G mobiles.

The 3G/4G Interceptor–II is a stand-alone solution for off the air interrogation / interception / monitoring / deception of tactical 3G/4G communication, in a seamless way, without any cooperation with the network provider. The 3G/4G Interceptor-II is restricted for Law Enforcement Agencies and Authorized Governmental Agencies and it offers them a powerful tool to intercept and track 3G/4G  communication of all types.

The 3G/4G Interceptor-II extracts easily and in short time the mobiles ID’s such as IMEI, IMSI & TMSI and allows the user in no time to identify his target mobiles and to monitor them. The 3G/4G Interceptor-II offers a complete set of capabilities and advance features to allow the user to control the 3G/4G environment and 3G/4G communication. The user can control the level of service to the target mobiles, selectively Jam specific mobiles, perform silent calls, call or SMS on behalf of target mobile, change SMS messages ”on the fly”, detect change of SIM card or change of handset, and support Direction Finding system and many additional operational features.

The 3G/4G Interceptor-II main capabilities:

All 3G/4G in One Single Unit

The 3G/4G Interceptor-I includes all required modules for dual band simultaneous interception. No need for any additional hardware.

Instant Set Up Time

Without need for external modules, setup is within few minutes only.

Only TDSCDMA/TDDLTE supporting now
Only TDSCDMA/TDDLTE version available now. Other edition will be released soon.

Real Time Interception
For voice, SMS and data, Incoming and Outgoing.

Semi Passive
Invisible & undetectable operation, no need for cooperation with network providers.

Data Extracting
System detects mobile identities including IMSI, IMEI, TMSI, MSISDN (phone number), etc.

Presence verification
User can detect presence of specific target mobile.

Concurrent Calls
System Intercepts up to 4 concurrent duplex calls by default.

Selective jamming of communication
User can block communication of 3G/4G phones defined as targets or specific network service (voice, SMS).

User can make fake calls and send fake SMS to / from target.

Remote Control
3G/4G Interceptor-II can be operated locally by the system laptop, by LAN connection and remote laptop or via WiFi, by a remote laptop.

System can operate with variety of power sources such as AC supply, batteries, car supply etc and by that, it can be installed and operated in many types of applications and environments (fixed installation, remote control configuration, transportable, vehicular, man pack).